Title: TM
Artist: Jack Kilmer
Played: 5900 times

Title: In Dreams
Artist: Roy Orbison
Played: 347 times

Title: I'll Show Up (Feat. SLATER)
Artist: Puzzle
Played: 1065 times

Puzzle | "I’ll Show Up (Feat. SLATER aka Nick Beaty) | That’s Fine

”..But if you really want me
I’ll treat you right”

Artist: ANTWON
Played: 1369 times


Title: Childs Play (feat. Chance the Rapper)
Artist: SZA
Played: 1083 times

Title: Chamber of Reflection
Artist: Mac DeMarco
Played: 3149 times

Title: I'll Try Anything Once
Artist: The Strokes
Played: 248985 times

i’ll try anything once | the strokes

look, but don’t touch: a shawty power playlist

8tracks | spotify

Title: Evening Sun
Artist: The Strokes
Played: 72 times

evening sun /// the strokes

oh you’re the prettiest, smartest captain of the team
i love you more than being seventeen

Title: Lola Montez
Artist: Volbeat
Played: 19347 times

don’t look in her eyes
you might fall and find the love of your life heavenly
but she’ll catch you in her web
the love of your life

Title: In The Room Where You Sleep
Artist: Dead Man's Bones
Played: 3787 times

wonderwall 1. let her go - passenger 2. all this and heaven too - florence + the machine 3. skinny love - bon iver 4. youth - daughter 5. sweet disposition - the temper trap 6. thinkin bout you - frank ocean  7. the writer - ellie goulding 8. kiss me - ed sheeran 9. dead sea - the lumineers 10. cosmic love - florence + the machine 11. bones - lewis watson 12. love is a laserquest - the arctic monkeys 13. i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie 14. wonderwall - oasis listen // download

Title: Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down
Artist: Interpol
Played: 9379 times

Title: A Message
Artist: Coldplay
Played: 4223 times

Coldplay | A Message

my song is love, is love i know 
and i’ve got to get that message home

Title: Wicked Games
Artist: The Weeknd
Played: 21209 times

The Weeknd | Wicked Games

I’m on that shit that you can’t smell baby